How to make the battery most durable?

1. Charge does not enter.

  • Because the plug is not tight or the power is flickering unstable ---> plug for sure.
  • Due to a charging error. Take it to a service center for a replacement (if the charger is still under warranty) or buy a new charger.

2. Turn on the power without showing the power line display.

  • Because the charge is not full ---> how to fix a full charge.
  • Due to the attomat switch (the attomat is caused by you going into the road, the attomat will jump by itself to protect the engine or because you turn off the attomat but forgot to turn it back on) ---> how to fix you open the trunk of the car to check The car's attomat is on or off. If the mode is off then you just need to switch to the on mode to have electricity.
  • Because the plug of the battery is slipped ---> the way to fix it is to open the footrest, then prompt the battery to check whether the battery plug is loose or not? If it slips or loosens, just plug in it to make sure.
  • In case you have checked both the above are no problem, please bring your battery to a service center for technical staff to check for you.

3. The battery is full of electricity and the gas cannot go.

  • Do not release the brake hand fully (parking electric car has an automatic disconnection in the hand brake) ---> how to fix you squeeze the hand brake then release it all the way.
  • Due to the scooter (probably due to the scooter slip) ---> how to fix you take the car to a service center to check the scooter for you again.

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